4 Types Of Text Messages That Establish A Powerful Emotional Connection With Your Ex

Published: 14th March 2012
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When used properly messages sent from your cell phone can be a powerful tool to help you text your ex back after a breakup. Texting is private, personal, safe, intimate, and simple.

Chances are you and your ex are already very familiar with sending text messages back and forth. Therefore, the idea of being able to push a few buttons and build emotional rapport with him or her should appeal to you.

Through emotional texting you can lay your heart on the line and tell your ex how you truly feel about them. No excuses. No lies. No fighting. Just speaking from your heart to establish the emotional connection needed to bring you back together.

If you're a guy reading this, then you're probably already zoning out after hearing the words "emotion" and "speaking from your heart". This isn't stuff that comes naturally for most men. But it's probably even more effective for men because most women love when a guy opens up and says how he truly feels.

Keep in mind, these aren't the types of texts you'll want to send immediately after a breakup. They shouldn't be used until you've re-opened the lines of communication with your ex, established a connection by helping them remember the good times you used to share, validated their feelings, and got them thinking about you in a positive way.

Once you've completed the steps above and are ready to speak your heart, here are 4 types of texts you can send to build emotional rapport with your ex.

1.) Compliment Texts

Compliment texts are exactly what they sound like. They are random compliments you give your ex through the text messages you send. You shouldn't make a big deal of them. Just let them slip into the conversation naturally.

For example, "Your smile caught my attention the very first time I ever saw you. It's something I've always loved about you."

2.) "What I Miss About Us" Texts

These types of texts are pretty straight forward too. You are simply reminding your ex what you miss about the relationship.

For example, "One thing I really miss is how you used to wrap your arms around me so tight whenever I'd get scared while we were watching a scary movie. It made me feel so safe."

3.) Appreciation Texts

Most of us don't do a very good job of appreciating our partner in a relationship. With appreciation texts you tell your ex what you like and appreciate about them.

For example, "One thing I've always loved about you is how you're willing to drop whatever you're doing to help anyone who needs it. You're a special kind of person and I'm really glad you're in my life."

4.) "How I Feel About You" Texts

These types of texts need to be positive and confident and should never be needy. They take some practice to get right, but once you do they can become an extremely powerful ally in helping you get your ex back.

Here's an example: "It's funny, but it still makes my body tingle whenever I smell your cologne. It always makes me smile and I feel safe. You'll always be important to me."

As you learn about how to text your ex back after a breakup, always have a few of the above texts in mind so you can build an emotional connection with your ex when the time is right.


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