7 Ways To Get A Girlfriend Back -The Do's And Don'ts

Published: 17th November 2011
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The most effective ways to get a girlfriend back are time-tested and proven. Every single day men and women reunite even when their situations seem utterly hopeless. If they can get past a breakup and reunite as a couple, then why can't you?

If you're having trouble getting your ex girlfriend back, then chances are you aren't taking the right steps that will greatly improve your odds of winning her back. There are in fact certain actions you SHOULD be taking and certain actions you SHOULDN'T be taking if you want to reunite with your ex.

Your situation is unique. Your relationship has never been and will never be just like someone else's. However, it probably has a lot in common with other relationships, and the same rules apply when you want to get your ex back. You must be conscious of the most effective ways to get a girlfriend back and then take action and follow through.

By doing the right things and avoiding the wrong things, you'll be well on your way to repairing any relationship, even if your situation seems hopeless.

If You Want Your Ex Girlfriend Back, Avoid The Following At All Costs

1.) Never beg or plead or you'll end up looking needy and desperate.

2.) Never resort to professing your undying love or writing her love poems and songs after a breakup in the hopes she'll suddenly take you back.

3.) Never repeatedly call, text, or email her, especially if she doesn't respond. Doing so will only annoy her and push her away.

4.) Never keep apologizing for the same mistakes over and over.

5.) Never buy your ex girlfriend gifts or flowers in an attempt to buy your way back into the relationship. These things should be given when the relationship is going good to show her what she means to you.

6.) Never panic, lose control of your emotions, or let rage, jealousy, or desperation cause you to do things you'll regret.

7.) Never stalk your girlfriend to find out what she's up to. This includes spying on her Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

If You Want Your Ex Girlfriend Back, Start Doing The Following Immediately

1.) Give your girlfriend time and space away from you. Just because you haven't heard from her doesn't mean you've lost her for good. She'll be back if you don't push her away by pressuring her.

2.) Allow yourself a period of no contact after the breakup. This should usually be 2-3 weeks to allow time for you and your ex to deal with your emotions and get in the frame of mind to work on getting back together.

3.) Go out with friends and meet new people. It will help take your mind off things.

4.) Learn to control your emotions and don't let them get the best of you. Deal in facts and not in assumptions.

5.) Have a positive frame of mind and believe that you CAN get your ex girlfriend back.

6.) Remain confident and happy. This is the person your ex wants to be attracted to.

7.) Work on self-improvement, identify what went wrong in the relationship, and figure out ways to solve problems so they don't come up in the future.

With the above lists, you're well armed with some of the most effective ways to get your ex girlfriend to take you back. Next is finding a plan to put it all together.


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