Attracted To Emotionally Unavailable Men? Here's 4 Tips To Get Your Guy To Open Up To You

Published: 02nd April 2012
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Is that English he's speaking? It sounds like English, but it sure isn't making any sense.

If you've been trying to communicate with an emotionally unavailable man but don't seem to be getting anywhere, then this article can help you figure out what men want so you can find ways to get him to open his heart and mind and let you inside.

First, keep in mind it's common for men to be emotionally unavailable. It's not really their fault though. Think about how they are raised from childbirth: be strong, don't be a sissy, walk it off, don't cry, be a man, figure it out. Men are conditioned from the very beginning not to express their feelings or let their emotions show.

Truth be known, most men simply don't know how to be emotionally available to their wives and girlfriends.

Many women often fall in love with emotionally unavailable men because the men with the roughest exteriors are often, but not always, the least emotionally available (e.g. the "man's man" or the "bad boy"). Women are attracted to this type of man because they exude many of the qualities associated with being a man (e.g. strong, confident, independent, sexy, etc.).

But women also want a man who listens and is sensitive enough to care about her feelings and who can express his own to her. And that's where the problems arise.

So if that's the case, then how do you communicate with emotionally unavailable men? Kara Oh offers some insight in her amazing book, "Men Made Easy", when she states, "Most men have limited access to their feelings and when they do get emotional, they generally want to be alone."

Feelings make men feel vulnerable. They make men uncomfortable so they try to steer clear of sharing them with anyone, including their wives and girlfriends. Emotions are seen as a problem for many men, but they're a problem men don't know how to solve so they end up feeling helpless.

To bond and create better communication with an emotionally unavailable man, you can try the following:

1.) Express yourself in a more logical way. Men don't always understand "feelings", but if you can express them in a more logical way, then your man will feel more comfortable talking about them.

2.) Be more straightforward and get straight to the point. Men aren't interested in all the little details like your girlfriends are. They want the bottom line.

3.) Remember, men take words literally. Don't use words like "never" or "always" unless you really mean them. For example, don't say, "You never spend time with me." A man will take that literally and will shut down to you because it discounts all the times he does spend time with you.

4.) Don't start conversations with the words, "We need to talk." Men instantly close off when they hear those words. Instead, approach him at a time when he's not busy and open him up a little by starting conversations about things that interest him.

Being able to understand men and what makes them emotionally unavailable can help you figure out how to get your guy to open up to you.


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