Confused About How To Get A Man To Ask You Out? Here's How To Make It Easy For Him To Approach You

Published: 15th December 2011
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Learning how to make him fall for you starts with him getting to know the real you through the dating process.

But are there tricks about how to get a man to ask you out which make it easy for some women to get a date whenever they want?

You've gone out of your way to give him a big flirty smile each and every time he looks at you. You've batted your eyelashes and fidgeted with your tresses while speaking to him.

You've teased him in a fun, flirty way and offered him plenty of compliments. You've worn that low-cut cami, slipped on a designer mini skirt, dropped your notepad on the floor, and even leaned over to pick it up in front of him.

But he still doesn't fully grasp you want to go on a date with him. How much more frank can you be?

Keep reading to find out how to get him to ask you out when nothing seems to be working.

Even when you send a guy each of the correct signs, he still might not detect a fabulous flirtatious advances. When you really feel like you've tried all sorts of things and nothing is working, you may need a more upfront and direct technique to get him in order to ask you out.

You might need to say things like, "I like you" or "We should go out sometime". For many guys the thought of being rejected by a woman is a huge deal. By using more direct statements with him, you can give him the powerful hints he needs to feel comfortable approaching you and asking you out.

If you want to be on his mind all day long, you can give your conversations a fun, flirty twist. Here's a great way to be on his mind and keep him interested even when you're not around.

The next time you talk to him and are getting ready to leave, act as if you're walking away, but then stop and say, "Ya know, if you ever wanted to go do something together, we could make it a date." Then, flash him a sexy smile and walk away before he has a chance to respond. He probably won't be able to get you out of his mind.

Or, better yet, just figure out a fun date and ask him out rather than waiting for him to notice you and pick up on your flirting signals.

Sometimes taking matters into your own hands is the best way to get the things you want...including men.

At the very worst he says no or he's not attracted to you in that way. And while you might feel temporarily rejected and deflated, it most definitely doesn't mean you're not worthy of love or that you won't find the right guy for you. Don't let it make you feel like you're not good enough.

It's better to know one way or another than to have to constantly wonder whether he likes you or not. The right guy will love you as is. You won't have to pull his arm to get him to like you.

Always remember, if he says no to a date, then he's the one who will be missing out. There are lots more guys out there who will notice, appreciate, and love you just the way you are.

Knowing how to get a guy to ask you out can require being courageous, strong, and gracefully aggressive.


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