How Do I Get My Girlfriend Back? Please Help Me

Published: 27th July 2011
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It's a common question after a breakup, but not one many men know the answer to. The most common way men learn how to get a girlfriend back is through trial and error, but this often results in many mistakes and even more heartbreak that can actually make the breakup worse and push their ex girlfriend further away. If you want to get your ex girlfriend back, you need to avoid the same critical mistakes many men make and take a more step-by-step, planned out approach to win her back.

You won't be able to find the answer to the question of how do I get my girlfriend back unless you first deal with the stress, anxiety, depression, and emotional pain that results from the breakup. If you're like most men, you feel desperate to get her back as soon as possible, but you shouldn't even be thinking about how to get your girlfriend back until you're able to think clearly, calmly, and rationally about the situation. Only when you remove your mind from panic mode will you be able to take the necessary steps to get your ex back.

While you're working things out in your own mind, it will be necessary to give your ex girlfriend space for at least 2-3 weeks. This means no calls, no texts, no emails, and no going over to see her. She needs this time to work out her own emotions, and you both need this time to miss each other.

The last thing you want to do is get back together too soon and then realize it was a mistake. Analyze your situation during this time and decide if she's really the girl you want to be with and if so, are you willing to work with her and make changes to improve your relationship?

If your girlfriend contacts you during this time, don't immediately take her call or go rushing out somewhere to meet her. When you do answer, keep the conversation short and tell her in a calm tone that you agree that a breakup is best and that giving each other a little space is the right thing to do.

Be calm and friendly, but don't get into a long conversation, especially one about the breakup. This will only bring up painful, negative emotions for both of you. Don't apologize repeatedly, beg her to take you back, cry, act depressed, or otherwise portray any emotion that will make you seem weak and needy. If you do, it will only confirm to her that breaking up with you was the right thing to do.

The question of how do I get my girlfriend back is a tricky one, but if you follow the guidelines above, you will put into place the very first steps of a proven strategy to get your ex back. Just remember there's still more to learn if you want to be successful getting your girl back and creating a long-term, lasting relationship with her.


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