How To Attract Him - A Cheat Sheet For Women

Published: 21st November 2011
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Have you ever found yourself dying to understand how to get a man to notice you?

Don't worry. You're not alone. Many women have found themselves in the exact same predicament. You have your eye set on a special man, but he seems aloof and nearly impossible to read.

Maybe he's shy and being suave with the ladies isn't really his forte. Maybe his popularity makes him a hot commodity and finding a chance to talk to him never seems to go your way. Maybe he's your best friend and it seems a daunting task trying to turn him from friend to boyfriend.

Nevertheless, keep reading to reveal exactly how to make a guy like you. Follow the advice and you'll be well on your way to catching and keeping the man of your dreams.

3 Things He Wants You To Know About Him

The key thing to remember is men love a woman who makes them feel like a man. So how do you make him feel like a man?

He won't be open to love unless you're able to provide him with everything he needs to be happy in a relationship. Men and women are very different so you need to do your best to understand men in a way few women ever do. Knowing how to make a guy love you starts by understanding your man and accepting him for who he is.

1.) Love Him For Him, Not For His Potential

If you're hoping to date a guy and then change him into your own Prince Charming, then it's best to just stop right now. Women who make this mistake fall in love with a man's potential rather than seeing him and accepting him for who he really is. Then, they try to erase his imperfections by attempting to turn him into their ideal man.

Men need to know you love them unconditionally. They know they're not perfect. You know they're not perfect. But that's all part of what makes them who they are. If you want to find your way into a man's heart, then show him you approve of him just the way he is.

2.) Be Comfortable And Confident In Your Own Skin

You don't have to be a perfect 10 to get the man you want. You just have to be happy being you. Looking your best will always help get a guy to notice you, but if you want him to fall in love with you, it's much more important to believe in yourself and be confident in yourself as an amazing woman.

A woman's femininity is extremely attractive to men. If you don't love being a woman and being you, then how can you expect a man to fall in love with you? An insecure woman is a quick and complete turn off for virtually all men.

By the way, you can earn bonus points with a man by letting him know you wore a sexy outfit or put on a special perfume with him in mind. He'll be turned on knowing he caused your increased sex appeal. But he doesn't have to know you had it planned from the get-go. It can be our little secret.

3.) He Is Success Driven, Use It To Your Advantage

Another secret behind learning how to attract a guy is doing what you can to make him feel successful.

Compliment him and tell him how great he is at his job or how great he is at a sport he plays. Tell him how good he is at fixing things, helping you solve problems, or what a great kisser and/or lover he is if you've been intimate with him. When you understand his need to succeed and make him feel successful, then you become one of those rare women that truly "gets him". And a rare woman is someone he won't ever want to leave.


Next, now is the time to learn how to make a guy want you. If you want to cause a strong desire in your guy that will make you undeniably sexy to him, then understand men in a way that will help you ignite his passion, become the sole center of his enthusiasm, and make him go crazy for you by visiting: How To Attract A Man

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