How To Make A Guy Like You - 15 Do's And Don'ts To Make Him Crave You

Published: 23rd January 2012
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Learning how to make a guy fall in love with you is a critical skill if you want to capture his heart and make him yours. Dressing sexy to attract a man is easy, but not every woman understands how to create the deep emotional attraction with a guy that will make him want to commit to a relationship.

You may think attracting a guy is all about putting on makeup, hiking up your mini-skirt, stepping into some high heels, and revealing a bit of cleavage. Looks alone can make a man want you sexually, but if you want him to fall in love, commit to a relationship, and see you as his one and only, then looks alone won't cut it.

It's important to realize men and women are different in many ways. One single relationship with a man can make this very clear and can leave you asking yourself questions like:

1.) Why do men stop being romantic and why does the passion always seem to go away?

2.) Why do men have such a hard time with commitment?

3.) Why don't men listen?

4.) Why does it seem like men are so insensitive about everything?

5.) Why won't men talk about how they're feeling?

And, perhaps the biggest question of all for many women, "Why is it so dang difficult to understand men?"

When you're a woman, trying to understand men seems nearly impossible. (But don't worry, it's the same when they think about you.) Yet, some women seem to have it all figured out. They constantly have men flocking around them and seem to have the best relationships with the best guys you didn't even think existed.

The reason for this is they've found a way to connect with men at a level that goes much deeper than sexual appeal. If you want to follow their lead and learn how to make a guy fall in love with you, here are some do's and don'ts to keep in mind.

1.) Do always look your best. Men are visual creatures and genetically wired to be attracted to the physical appearance of a woman.

2.) Do exude confidence in everything you do.

3.) Do smile often and have a positive, happy demeanor.

4.) Don't ever try to change him.

5.) Don't fall in love with his potential.

6.) Do fall in love with him just the way he is, faults, flaws, and imperfections included.

7.) Don't criticize, whine, or complain.

8.) Don't be needy, clingy, or highly emotional around him.

9.) Do give him his independence and respect his privacy.

10.) Do show him your fun and flirtatious side.

11.) Do take the initiative and show him you're interested.

12.) Do compliment him and make him feel successful in all aspects of his life.

13.) Don't take away his "time with the guys". He needs it to be happy.

14.) Do make him feel amazing every time he's around you.

15.) Do use scents and perfumes. These can be the "X" factor that can push him over the edge and make him crave you.

By following the do's and don'ts above you can keep a man happy and make a man addicted to you. Best of all, when done right you won't have to sacrifice who you are in the relationship and will get everything you want as well.


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