Signs Men Give When Flirting - How To Know That You've Caught His Interest

Published: 18th November 2011
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Are there signs men give when flirting? For many women, men can be extremely difficult to read. There's a good reason for this.

One of the very worst feelings a man can experience is being rejected by a woman he is interested in and attracted to. Therefore, many men tend to give only subtle signs of being interested in a woman for fear of being rejected by her.

So how do you tell if a man is flirting with you?

This article discusses 3 signs men give when flirting and can help you become utterly irresistible to the man of your choosing.

Teasing Is Almost Always A Good Thing

Teasing is one of the biggest signs men give when flirting. We've all heard the stories of the boy in school who puts glue in a girl's hair. It's not because he hates her, but rather because he likes her. Being a tease almost to the point of being mean is a flirting technique used by many men.

If a man teases you about the size of your purse, makes fun of your dress, or gives you a hard time when you trip while you're walking, then there's a good chance he's doing his best to flirt with you. Some men have mastered this skill and use it to perfection while others simply come across as mean jerks.

In most cases, he's not trying to make you feel bad. He just wants to put a smile on your face and get a rise out of you. However, some men do make the mistake of pushing the envelope too far.

If he teases you in a sexual way, then he's really trying to dial things up a notch.

He Tries To Make You Laugh

When a man is flirting with a woman, he will try to make her laugh. Laughter is key to winning a woman's heart, and men know this.

Men will go about this in many different ways. He might try to tell you funny jokes or stories. He might try to be a smartass or poke fun at something you say. If he's doing his best to make you laugh, then there's a good chance he's trying to win you over.

Eye Contact And Touch

Other signs men give when flirting include eye contact and touch. If a man is interested and attracted to you, he won't be able to keep his eyes off you. It's natural for a man to look around a room, but if he stares directly into your eyes and continues to make eye contact with you, then he's most definitely interested.

When a man is flirting with you, he will also try to touch you in subtle ways and will want to be close to you. For example, he may try to lightly touch or hold your hand or he might put his hand on your shoulder.

If you're in a group of people, you'll often find him trying to sit or stand next to you. These small, subtle actions are big clues when it comes to figuring out if a man is flirting with you or not. By understanding men and the signals he is giving you, it can become pretty obvious when you've caught a man's attention.


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