Why Do Men Stop Calling? This Could Be The Reason Your Man Has Gone Silent

Published: 19th March 2012
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Why do men stop calling? Most women have experienced the frustration of dating a guy who suddenly stops calling.

You might have met him while you were out with friends. He said he'd call, but you never heard from him.

Maybe you've even been on a few dates and everything seemed to be going great. Then, he just kind of dropped off the face of the earth. You became worried that you hadn't heard from him, so you even called him. No return phone call.

What's going on with this suddenly silent man?

The Best And Worst Case Scenarios For Why Men Stop Calling

Let's try to understand men and take a look at some of the reasons men don't always call when they say they will.

Why Do Men Stop Calling - Best Case Scenario

Under the best case scenario, the reason a man doesn't call has nothing to do with you. Maybe he's gotten extremely busy with work or school. Maybe he's had an urgent family matter. Maybe he has other things which need his undivided attention. Maybe his phone broke or he lost your number.

If this is the case, then simply be patient. He'll call when he gets a chance. One other possible reason that actually does involve you is he may actually like you, but is afraid he'll scare you off if he calls too much. He's taking things slow because he's afraid of pushing you away by over-pursuing you.

Why Do Men Stop Calling - Worst Case Scenario

Unfortunately the worst case scenario occurs more frequently then the best case scenario and it has to do with you. Here are several reasons a man may stop calling you:

1.) He's got his sights set on several different women and you may not be on the top of the list.

2.) After a couple of dates he may not be experiencing the same feelings for you that you feel for him.

3.) He's realized you're not right for him.

4.) You've come on too strong and he's not ready to be in any kind of committed relationship.

5.) He's just not into you.

6.) He feels pressured and/or smothered.

Many men will lose interest in a woman once they feel they've completely obtained her and have her wrapped around their finger. If you want to learn how to make a guy want you so he continues to pursue you and maintains his attraction for you, then always remain a bit of a mystery. Men like the hunt so to speak.

If he doesn't call you, don't try to call him too much. Wait a couple weeks, then call him and see what's up. If he doesn't answer, leave a message, and then don't call again. If you never hear from him, then you should take it as a sign he's not interested.

When a man stops calling, it's usually a sign indicating he needs some space away from you. Most men are too afraid to tell you directly because they don't want to hurt your feelings. They don't realize not being honest with you actually ends up hurting you more.

Men who are deeply attracted to you and interested in you will keep calling and will want to spend time with you.


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