Why Do Men Suddenly Pull Away? Is It You Or Something Else?

Published: 07th March 2012
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What do you do if your boyfriend or husband pulls away and becomes distant? Although a relationship may suddenly seem to go sour, chances are problems have been brewing for quite a while. After all, few people just wake up one morning out of the blue and suddenly decide it's time for a new relationship.

To fully understand men, you must realize most men are emotionally unavailable to some extent. Feelings make them uncomfortable and they don't know how to deal with them. Rather than work things out, they typically prefer to be alone when something is bothering them. As a woman, this can become extremely frustrating when your boyfriend or husband suddenly pulls away and becomes quiet and distant for no apparent reason.

If a man has become distant, then something is bothering him even if he tells you everything is fine. However, it doesn't necessarily mean the relationship is bothering him.

It could be stress from work. It could be a situation with his friends or family. It could be he's down on himself because he doesn't feel successful or is having a hard time obtaining his goals and dreams. It could be anything really. Just remember, men are problem solvers and, unlike women, they generally like to solve personal problems on their own.

Many times men suddenly pull away when they start to feel like a woman is trying to change them or when they no longer feel admired in a relationship. Have you been complaining a lot about the things he does? Does he stay out too late? Does he spend too much time with his buddies and not with you? Does he not pick up after himself enough?

If a man starts to feel like you only focus on his faults and flaws and have stopped admiring his amazing qualities you fell in love with, then he can immediately start to feel alienated and distant. He puts up a wall, becomes guarded and defensive, and shuts you out.

Men also suddenly pull away when they no longer feel like they can make you happy. A man doesn't want to be RESPONSIBLE for keeping you happy and entertained. What men want is to make their woman happy, but they don't want to feel responsible for it. A man wants to know you can be completely happy with him and also completely happy without him.

For example, if you have a miserable day being bored because you're stuck at home while he goes out with his buddies and then you make him feel responsible for it, then you'll alienate him. Be independent enough to have your own life that doesn't require him to be by your side 24/7.

A man may also pull away if you make him feel smothered in a relationship. This can happen if you try to advance into a serious relationship too fast or if you're already in a serious relationship and push for an engagement and marriage when he's not ready.

If a man suddenly pulls away from you, don't chase him. What he needs is space. Do your own thing and don't pressure him.


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