Win Her Heart Back - How To Use The Bad Boy Vibe To Get Your Girlfriend Back

Published: 13th July 2011
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Let's just say it. Breakups hurt.

There's no point beating around the bush when it comes to lost love. You know you messed up. You made poor decisions. You took your ex girlfriend for granted, and now you're searching for a way to win her heart back.

Worse yet, as time went on in the relationship, maybe you even did the opposite and became needy and clingy. You wanted so bad for her to love you in the same way that you dropped everything and began to bow down to her every wish. You were always there, everywhere she went. And you became the "best friend" instead of the "boyfriend" and destroyed all attraction in the process.

Here's the problem. Attraction isn't a choice.

People don't consciously decide to be attracted to another person. They just are or they aren't. It just happens. Although your ex girlfriend can't consciously choose to be attracted to you, there are things you can do to make her "feel" attracted to you. She won't even know what hit her, and the great thing is you already know what to do because you were doing it the day she met you.

When you first met her, you were a strong, confident man. You made her laugh. You had your own life, your own goals, your own friends you hung out with all the time. Sometimes you were busy and couldn't just drop what you were doing for her.

You didn't answer the phone every time she called because you were doing other things. You weren't at her side every single day. You gave her space and allowed her to think about you and miss you. You weren't needy or desperate.

Then things changed. You started falling in love and you stopped being a man. You became dependent on her, probably became jealous when she didn't spend all of her time with you, and you killed the attraction. You started buying her things all the time, taking her to expensive dinners and offering to pay for them all the time because you thought that's what would make her want to keep you around. You thought you were being nice and sweet, but you were killing the relationship.

There's a reason women are so attracted to "bad boy" types. Confidence is the key. Even when they know bad boys are a poor rational decision, they can't help it. Remember, attraction isn't a choice. Bad boys do the right things to create a strong emotional attraction women can't resist even when rationally the relationship isn't a good fit.

So what can you learn from bad boys that can help you get your ex girlfriend back? Win her heart back by exuding confidence. Prove to her that you're happy and that you have your own goals and dreams. You're living your life the way you want to live it, and you invite her to be a part of it, but you're not going to drop everything for her and become needy and dependent.

You're in control and aren't afraid to blaze your own trail. Don't be mean and don't turn into a jerk (this is where the bad boys fail and why relationships with bad boys don't last), but take the bad boy's confident attitude and use it to your advantage if you want to get your ex back.

Win your ex girlfriend's heart back by infusing confidence with humor. Be happy. Be optimistic. Don't sulk or be negative about the relationship. Let the past be the past. Be honest and make her laugh and she'll be yours forever. In short, be the man you were before you let your feelings for her change you.

Let me leave you with a quick tip. The next time you ask your ex girlfriend on a date as you work on getting back together with her, try this. Rather than saying, "Can I take you out to a movie and dinner?", say something like, "I'm going to such and such a movie and dinner afterward. You're welcome to come along."

Why? What's the difference? The first puts you in the position of being needy and doing her a favor. The second puts you in control and invites her into your life, but you're going to go have fun with or without her. That creates attraction. Try it. You'll be surprised at the results.


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