Winning Your Ex Girlfriend Back - How Not To Let Jealousy Get The Best Of You

Published: 18th July 2011
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Jealousy. It's that little green monster that lurks inside virtually all guys. It hides inside you, lurking in the shadows, waiting for the perfect time to show itself.

You meet a girl. You do all the right things. You say the right things. You make her feel an instant attraction for you by being almost "too cool for your britches." It's that bad boy vibe she can't resist where you're fun, funny, charming, confident, and totally in control of your life. You're the total epitome of what being a man is all about.

Then, you fall in love.

This new emotion is strong and the little green monster's nostrils flair as it soaks it in. The monster comes out of hiding and prepares for battle. It takes control of mind and body. You become someone you don't want to be, but you can't help it.

Your girlfriend goes out with friends and stays out a little later than expected, and the little green monster whispers things to you over and over. You try to resist, but the more you resist the more the monster taunts until you can't take it anymore. You blow up when your girlfriend comes home.

You want to know where she's been, who she's been with, what she's been doing. You have proof of nothing, but the monster said it was so, and you make assumptions and accusations. Your girlfriend becomes angry. She's had enough. She says it's over and she leaves. It's job done, the little green monster goes back to sleep, leaving you with nothing but thoughts about winning your ex girlfriend back.

Jealousy is a natural emotion in all people, and in small doses it's a very healthy emotion. After all, what would it mean if you never got even the slightest bit jealous about your girlfriend being out around other guys who could be flirting with her? It's completely natural to be a little jealous when you're in a relationship with someone, but left uncontrolled the little green monster is a breakup causing machine. If jealousy is a problem for you, then winning your ex girlfriend back will depend on your ability to kill the little green monster or, at the very least, cage it and control it.

The first thing you need to do to curb the jealousy monster and win your ex back is trust. You absolutely MUST trust your girlfriend. This can be extremely hard if you've been hurt or cheated on in the past, but if you can't trust your girlfriend, then there's no point in being in the relationship. Trust her until she gives you reason not to trust her, and don't hold the way you've been treated in past relationships against her.

The second thing is to stay busy. If you know your girlfriend is going out with friends without you or is going to be in a situation that might make you jealous, then keep yourself busy and find something to do that will keep your mind off it. A good way to do this is to surround yourself with other people.

You're much more likely to keep the little green monster lying down if you keep yourself from just sitting around thinking about the situation. If you fail to do this and continue to get jealous, your girlfriend WILL get tired of it and you WILL be faced with trying to get your ex back. If she's already left and you're trying to win her back, then you must start rectifying the problem immediately because she won't keep coming back if she continues to see a jealous pattern in you.

Thirdly, base your thoughts and opinions on facts and logic, not assumptions. Get the whole story before you decide to over-react and fly off the handle. If your girlfriend is late getting home, let her explain before jumping down her throat the minute she walks in the door.

Chances are there's a perfectly reasonable and innocent reason she's not home when she says she's going to be. Winning your ex girlfriend back will require you to approach situations differently and learn to control your own thoughts so you can tell the difference between reality and perceived reality.

The mind will believe anything you want it to believe or anything you tell it is true. Learn to look for facts and proof rather than getting jealous over images you dream up in your head about what MIGHT be going on.

If you've let jealousy get the best of you and are now faced with winning your ex girlfriend back, then use the above tips to help kill the little green monster before it's too late.


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